Saturday, October 14, 2006

Way Down, Below The Ocean...

I had the opportunity to do a couple of shows as a guitar tech for legendary Pop masters Hall and Oates a couple of weeks ago. The first show was at the Hard Rock Live in Ft. Lauderdale for a room full of die-hard fans. Walking into the gig cold, having never seen the band, I was blown away with how great they sound. Classic songs, great performances.

The next gig was in Nassau, Bahamas. We arrived early enough after the Ft. Lauderdale show to spend half of the travel day off, and had the following day off, too. The gig was at Atlantis, a resort hotel and casino. The Atlantis theme is carried throughout the grounds and it is a very impressive place.

Beach Tower

"The Dig" is an underground (and underwater) aquarium with huge tanks of water forming the walls of the tunnel that leads from the hotel lobby to the rear of the hotel. I got a pretty good shot of a Jellyfish.


The grounds outside have various pools filled with fish, turtles, sharks and stingrays.

Sea Turtle

The restaurants were all excellent and the food delicious. Even though the forecast called for thunderstorms all week, it was mostly sunny and only sprinkled for a few minutes.

Atlantis Exterior

Lazy River


Flower Bed



Two Towers

At Atlantis

Rear of Hotel

Stingray Pool

Flying Fish Sculpture

Glass Sculpture

From The Hotel Room Window

On the second day there, the first full day off, my wife Donna and I went snorkeling. Our first anniversary was October 1st, and I had bought her a ticket to Nassau to see the show and celebrate - we got to spend the "working vacation" together.

On The Seahorse Snorkeling Trip

We rented passage on The Seahorse, a catamaran that sailed out to a diving spot. We snorkled for an hour and saw some great fish and coral. On the trip back to the hotel, the captain broke out the rum punch. Delicious... and potent.

Rum Punch

First Mate Raises the Sails

The Seahorse

It was a fabulous trip and I really enjoyed the gig with Hall and Oates. I definitely would go back to Atlantis for a longer vacation.


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