Thursday, June 22, 2006

Twelve Twangy Pieces

A good webfriend, who I have never met in person but have had conversations with for years is selling his Danelectro 12-String. I don't believe they are currently in production, so they are getting scarcer to find. I have been wanting a 12-string for a while now, and recently passed on a Rickenbacker from a guy in the same cyberhood.

I used to own a 1965 Rickenbacker 360 Convertible, a 12-string that had a metal comb that pulled the octave strings to the neck, thus "converting" it to a six string. I sold it to pay my rent during leaner times, much to my future regret. I had another, more recent 360 for a while, but had to sell it to replace some stolen guitars. The 12-string was - and still is - more of a "dessert land" axe than a "desert island" guitar in my typical collection du jour and it is usually the first to be sacrificed in order to replenish with the staples.

At the price he let it go for, I doubt I will ever sell this guitar, since I won't have enough in it to consider it an investment.


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