Friday, July 14, 2006

Scandinavian Flu

Sandinavia in the Summer. Much warmer and interesting than the last time we came through, in wintertime. We actually did a show on a beach in Sweden. I caught a cold that started out as sneezing and grew into a full-blown chest cold with bronchitis tendencies. Feeling better now, but still have congestion and coughing fits.

Tuning on the Beach

In Allborg, we stayed at a hotel that oerlooked a beautiful bay. It rained on and off, but the view was amazing.

Hotel Window

Hotel Window 2

Heading into Bergen (Bryggen) Norway, we skirted a fjord with several mountains and numerous waterfalls.

Fjords of Bryggen

Fjords 2

Fjord 3


Downtown Bergen is a quaint old village square, with lots of shops and tourist-friendly attractions. The open market sold fresh whale, elk and reindeer. This statue could not seem to pose without a bird on his head, though I'm sure he would be mortified if he were alive, judging by his genteel outfit.


Bryggen Downtown

Street Musicians

Hillside Homes Overlooking Square

Interesting to notice the difference in Pop Culutre interpretations. This looks like the result of a photo shoot were the director asked for a kid who was dressed in mid-90's hip-hop garb, playing the most un-Rock and Roll guitar ever produced - an Ovation - with his fingers place randomly on the fretboard. Ugh.

McDonald's Ad

Fountain Homes

The relaxed atmosphere in Scandinavia allows some young guy to dress up as "The King of Condoms", have a similarly dressed vassal with a silver plate of condoms, walk store-to-store offering free samples.

King of Condoms, with Vassal

Bob and I went walking to find some lunch, and ended up doing some shopping.

Britt on the Waterfront

He was kind enough to pose with goofy sunglasses, too.

Oh, But They're Weird and They're Wonderful...



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