Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Story So Far

The baggage arrived yesterday in Amsterdam. Huzzah!

All of the shows so far have been very good, Antwerp being especially excellent. We had a 12-hour bus trip from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Aalborg, Denmark last night and arrived here at 11:00 a.m. Nice hotel, but no AC, as is pretty common in Europe. The weather has been beautiful every day, and today is no exception. I don't think we'll need any AC, thankfully.

I've been too busy or had no access to affordable internet connections, so this post will kind of catch up to the present day.

Rehearsals in Nashville were very productive and some new gear made it's debut.

New Guitar World

George has been playing his Music Man basses exclusively and has a new StingRay for the U.S. leg.

George's New Bass

Kenny continues to amaze with his musicianship and professionalism.

World's Greatest Rock and Roll Drummer

Guitar Ace and all-around vibe-meister Billy Burnette has a new toy, too.

Billy's New Epiphone Casino

Luthier/entreprenuer Jeff Senn stopped by rehearsals to tweak a few guitars. Check out his link on this page for details of his stunning craftsmanship.

Bob and Jeff

We have a European Sound Crew for this leg. Daniel Taake is our Systems Tech. He is great and a fountain of knowledge about the history of beer. Being that he is German, I am not suprised.

Daniel Taake, AudioTech

Production Manager and Lighting Director Dave Davidian has things under control. Smooth sailing so far makes the time spent away from home and family bearable. Gigs are fun when someone like Dave is anticipating and handling the speed bumps.

Dave, Pre-Coffee

Touring would be a little more taxing if there were no Brits around. Keith Crabtree is our UK-based merchandise guy, and he's been great to hang with. Many years of road experience to tell stories about, including a 5-week tour of...Finland!

Keith Crabtree

It's so gorgeous out this morning that local girls are sunbathing in the park outside the hotel. Decorum...and de wedding ring...preclude further comment.

Warm Danish

This is the city of Aalborg, Denmark as seen from my balcony. Cool.

Aalborg, Denmark


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