Tuesday, March 08, 2005

On the streets of Goteburg, Sweden

Jeff Szalwinski, Rob Rankin, Bob Britt, Les Banks,
Jake Loveridge, Billy Burnette (L to R)

Jeff Szalwinski is an incredibly talented luthier who I begged to go on this trip with me. He takes care of Billy Burnette and Bob Britt. He is the creator of Original Senn guitars and a wonderful, articulate friend.
Rob Rankin was the systems tech for Clair Brothers U.S.. He is a great guy, easy to get along with and dedicated to his gig.
Bob Britt is one of the finest musicians I know, a good friend and a worthy cribbage opponent. Les Banks is Marty Stuart's long-time mixer, now doing FOH with Fogerty. Les is very funny and helpful - he made my "new guy" break-in period easier.
Jake Loveridge is a big, tall, ex-pro baseball player with a superb talent for teching drums and getting the stage set up right. He was invaluable to me for gig info - they don't write manuals on how to do this stuff!
Billy Burnette is the other guitarist/vocalist and a very humorous guy with a great attitude.

We all set out in various groups for a walk in Goteberg and ended up on the same street for a photo.


Anonymous 'bro said...

Cool! Keep 'em coming.

And, email your 'bro with details about how things are going, show-wise.


9/3/05 08:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Tom, I met Jake Loveridge in Amsterdam and have been trying to get back in touch with him. I wonder if you would do me a great service and pass him my email address and ask him to drop me a line. it's



ps. love your pictures

9/5/05 11:37  

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