Friday, February 11, 2005

The Power of Music

Where would I be without it? What would I be doing for a living? It's the reason I survived my turbulent teenage years. It's the reason I dropped out of college. It's the reason I met half of my old girlfriends. It's the reason I took a job in a music store...and then another..and then a position at Gibson Guitar in Nashville, and then started to play and tech for a living...and start a recording studio and meet and work with many talented and famous people.

It's the reason I was sitting in the engineer's chair when my fiancee walked into my studio 12 months ago on February 15th. It has saved my life. It has altered my life. It has defined my life. It has been my life. I cannot imagine my existance without it.

John Cusack's character in "High Fidelity" puts together "ultimate music lists" to benchmark the turning points in his life. With the iPod and it's brood, you can carry your music - the soundtrack to your life - in the palm of your hand.

I am leaving for a month of work in Europe, so I am loading the DJ with essential stuff like Elvis, The Beatles, Hank Williams and the Everly Brothers...and not just the hits, but full albums. There has to be so much classic music that I don't know about or have yet to hear that I am looking forward to an 8-hour plane ride. I am raiding my finacees collection and my roomates collection for stuff i never bought but am curious about. That should make the "random playlist" setting be more interesting

(Obviously I am enthralled with my Dell DJ.... those of you who don't have one yet need to get one immediately. You only think you can do without it...!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Tom -

We are enjoying the mini essays in your blog. Keep up the good work of posting and we will continue to make hits on this URL. Betty and Jack

14/2/05 11:42  

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