Friday, February 04, 2005


One of the nice things about getting older in the current times is the rate of technological advances. I remember the Apollo moon landing (and my Billy Blastoff and Major Matt Mason toys) pretty clearly. Computers were huge, tube-driven cabinets with rapidly winding/rewinding tape. I remember seeing punchcards.

My first CompSci classes (are they still called that?) taught CoBal and Fortran and Boolean thinking, and this was in 1981. Computers were what you learned to use at work, actually owning one was not an option.

Now I sit here on my couch, writing and posting photos to a web log on the WiFi connection to my desktop. I am listening to my 20gig Dell DJ music player. I just ordered the FM radio/microphone/remote control for it for $50.00 which allows me to record directy into it, thereby never forgetting a songwriting idea again.

I recently downloaded Picasa and Hello - these are truly amazing times when such brilliant products are available for FREE. Truly.


Blogger daver said...

I have to agree, Tom. I think about when my dad was born in 1912. The innovations that came around by the time I was born in '56, and I look at what my kids have grown up with and what my grandkids have to look forward to.

Truly an interesting time to be alive.

6/2/05 18:41  

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