Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tuition Fruition

Sting's best rhyme and today's topic: Learning Software With Video.

Growing up in a small Wisconsin town of around 2,500 people, I relied on my Guitar Player magazine subscription to keep me informed of the latest in gear, guitar hero interviews and techniques. I read every column and absorbed great ideas and concepts that eventually made up my personal guitar style. There were a few books around, but mostly it was Guitar Player and listening to records.

In today's world, you can get DVD or CD instruction on just about anything from just about anyone. Here's a few of the tutorials I've been checking out lately:

1) Izzy is a professional videographer who sells online instruction. His FREE download course on Final Cut Express is excellent. A step-by-step tutorial on how to get the basics out of Apple's mid-line video/audio editing program.

2)MacPro Video Cubase 5 Core 101. A start-to-finish primer on Steinberg's digital audio workstation, Cubase 5. Oragnized to be viewed in an as-needed basis, you can start with Video 1 and follow it through to the end, or jump around to learn about specific aspects of this deep and powerful app. Lots of time-saving tip and tricks are included, especially in using key commands.

3) Production, Mixing Mastering with Waves. Waves, makers of industry-standard audio plug-ins, has put together a 4th edition of their hands-on manual on how to use their products to get professional results. Essentially a masterclass in production, the author offers several styles and genres of music and shows how the typical sound of those tracks came to be through tracking and mixing techniques. The multi-tracks are included and you get to actually work on the files as you read the text. A great peak inside modern production styles.


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