Saturday, October 25, 2008

Where The Hell Have I Been?

Well, let's see....Lake Charles, Lufkin, New York City and points in between.

Woke up last night on the bus ride back to Nashville with the worst case of dry mouth I can remember. Two bottles of water, no relief. Finally got up at 7:00 a.m., made some coffee, drank that and watched the sun come up over the misty ponds and rivers of West Tennessee.

Got home at 9:00 a.m. to realize a full-blown head cold. Dripping nose, aching body and what I call The Hot Ear, a temperature rise so sudden and fervent you could mistake it for a tent revival. Today it's the whole damn Irish head a' blazin'. Cold packs and compresses are in order, one for the bean, one for my swollen and bruised foot that had a Marshall 2x12 combo amp in a road case fall on it last night druing load out. Hurts to wear shoes.

Fabulous Wife brings me pot roast, biscuits, Vegetable Beef soup and Mucinex with a Tylenol 3.

Fabulous Friend Elizabeth Cook brings over Ricola, Vitamin Water, soft tissue and NyQuil.

Fabulous Self-Medicating Me sips a W.L. Weller and Coke Zero concoction. Bourbon has it's own healing properties.

LeAnn finishes up the year next week...back to Texas...and then we start the next Donna Beasley album. Assuming the Hot Head goes away by then.


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