Sunday, August 03, 2008

Two Gigs in One Day

We've been alternating playing an arena show and then a stadium show with Kenny Chesney all Summer long. On July 5th, we played LP Field in Nashville. We had passes for our wives and families, so Donna got to watch the show from my usual vantage point - guitar world.

Donna and Shamus, our FOH engineer

The crowds typically start coming en masse during LeAnn's show, and watching 40,000 people congregate in one place is pretty amazing.

Tim Akers and his accordion rockin' the stadium

My dear friend Elizabeth Cook and her band were playing the Opry Plaza that evening. Our shoe was done at 6:15 and the truck was loaded by 7:30, so we headed over to the Opry House to catch the second half of her Plaza Party gig.

Elizabeth Cook and Bones Hillman

EC has Bones Hillman playing upright bass with her. Bones spent many years in the band "Midnight Oil", and he was the bass player on the tour that turned out to be the best Rock show I have ever witnessed. Cool to meet him years later and get a chance to tell him that. Bones played with us when we opened for Elizabeth at The Station Inn on April 24th.

EC, Bones, Tim Carroll, the fabulous Marco Giovino

Elizabeth sounded great, an excellent mix by the house sound guy, and the rest of the band played wonderfully. Donna and I got to go inside at watch them play on the Opry show itself after they finished the Plaza gig.

Nashville is a pretty special place. You can go from watching LeAnn Rimes, Keith Urban and Kenny Chesney play the modern style at the football stadium and then head out to the Opry for some old-school Country all in the same day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a question Tom...Do today's upright bassists play acoustic ~ or are they wired and amplified. Bass guitarists sound awesome. JMS

6/8/08 10:05  
Blogger Tom Spaulding said...

Amplified through an amp via a contact pickup, usually.

7/8/08 11:01  

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