Sunday, September 14, 2008

Da Pack

So, Game Two of the post-Favre era and how does Aaron Rodgers do? After engineering a 21-3 halftime lead, he rallies the team from being down 25-24 in the 4th quarter, to win -with the help of some opportunists on the Defense - with a final score of 48-25. The Packers keep the division lead. With the Lions loss (0-2), along with the Vikings (0-2) getting Paytonized at home and the Bears (1-1) losing their close game, the fabulous Pack are 2-0 in 2008.

It's tough to watch the pressure Rodgers is under, though I think the Green Bay fans are much more patient than any other team in the NFL. I can't imagine what it would be like to replace an icon like Favre if he was a 17 year starter in, say, Philadelphia? Cleveland? Pittsburgh? Of course, those cities don't really spawn legendary players these days, but noone was more beloved by the fans than Brett.

There's a great debate - still raging - on whether the idea was a sound one or not; whether letting Favre go in favor of the good of the team was the correct or even polite thing to do. I think they made the tough choice and the right choice. I hope Brett has an amazing year, sentimentally and because if he does, we get an even higher draft pick for him. If Rodgers can win 8 or 9 more games this year, Green Bay made a deal they couldn't refuse.


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