Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cade's Cove Retreat

The fabulous Beasley and I took a few days off to head to the mountains and do some hiking. We decided to take the Cade's Cove trip again, and hoof it back to Abrams Falls.

After seeing the many dozens of deer grazing in the pasture land, we finally reached the turn off to the trail head. Donna had to answer Nature's Call, and there are no facilities in the vicinity. On her way back from a wooded section - far from the trail - she was stopped by a Park Ranger, who was fairly certain that she was a male heading out to smoke some weed before his hike. After closer examination and accounting for the long distance between his vantage point and her bathroom trek, all was sorted out.

Abrams Falls trail is a 5-mile round trip hike with some fairly treacherous muddy spots and a lot of up hill travel on the way in.

Heading towards Abrams Falls

The trail runs parallel to a stream that was running pretty fast in some sections, full of the recent rain water.

The stream alongside the trail.

We made pretty good time getting in, and had a snack while sitting on the rocks looking at the Falls.

Abrams Falls


Blogger TMink said...

That little stream on the way is my favorite trout stream this side of the Rockies! Helf the stream goes under the cove, soaking up the nutrients from the cows and such. It then releases these nutrients, which make the bugs grow, and the trout grow, and makes the rocks in the stream super slippery because they are covered with algae and other life. The rest of the streams in the park are not as organically rich as Abrahm's Creek.

Thanks for the picture and the post! I gotta get back to the Smokies.


19/8/08 13:49  

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