Sunday, February 28, 2010


Tom "T-Bone" Wolk died early this morning in NYC. His big heart gave out and the world lost a great musician and a lot of people in this business lost a great friend.
I met him when I took a gig teching for Hall and Oates a few years back. The first show we did was in Bermuda at the Atlantis. I had played a few country licks through the guitar rig during sound check and he came right over and struck up a conversation about Country, guitar players, and Nashville and made me feel like I'd been there for years. During his bass solo in the middle of the set that night, he stopped playing his groove, walked up to a mic and said "Tom Spaulding, this is for you". He then played Buck Owens' "Buckaroo" on his bass...behind his head. That was T-Bone.
He could play most any instrument and get something musical and tasteful out of it every time. He loved Vermont cheese and refused to cede any ground when I insisted that all cheese is merely a footnote to Wisconsin cheddar.
I had not been in contact with him since October, when he said in an e-mail that we needed to catch up but he was super busy and very tired. I have a few friends who were very close to T-Bone for many years and my prayers go out to them all. I think anybody who met him felt close to him immediately. He was kind and considerate and listened when you spoke and had the best attitude about what it means to be a musician. Never a harsh word about anyone, and you won't hear any unkind things said about him. A gentleman and a great musician and a beautiful human being.
Thanks, 'Bone. It was an honor and a pleasure to know you.


Blogger Brent said...

Sorry to hear about his passing. I remember when he tour with Billy Joel on the River of Dreams tour

28/2/10 22:12  
Blogger Just Jay said...

So sorry about T-Bones passing. The first person I thought of when I read the news was you. Funny how this internet thing connects people in the oddest way.

1/3/10 20:47  

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