Tuesday, June 02, 2009

O Breather, Where Art Thou?

Hmm...well talk about being caught up in the fable. It finally feels like I can take a breather and it's been six weeks since I posted last.

The Keith Urban tour has been going great. We've been to the East coast and Canada, then St.Paul, Chicago and Green Bay (where I made a pilgrimage to Lambeau and the Pro Shop). Then a week off, which I spent in Wisconsin, and then shows in West Virginia, Virginia and Alabama.

Here are a few shots from the rehearsals we had in Nashville:

Ken "Cubby" McDowell, Audio Tech

There's about 80 of us out here putting the show together including carpenters, lighting guys, video guys, audio guys, back line techs, tour management, trainers, masseuses, catering people, bus and truck drivers, etc.

Trace Foster, Guitar and Keyboard Tech

Joe Keiser, Monitor Engineer

Mark Dobson, Pro Tools Guy

Dobson, Steve Law (Front of House Engineer),
Chris McHugh (Musical Director/Drummer)

The Rehearsal Set List

We've had some great opening acts so far: Little Big Town, Jason Aldean, Zac Brown Band and Dierks Bentley. We'll be seeing Sugarland, Taylor Swift and LeAnn Rimes in the future.


Anonymous Patrick said...

One of the best blog post titles ever. Great blog too. I wonder if you realize how completely cool your life is.

5/6/09 12:26  
Blogger Patrick said...


Excuse my ignorance, but do you mind me asking what Pro Tools is used for in this live setting?

Really great post, love the photos.


13/6/09 13:11  
Blogger Tom Spaulding said...

Click track and intro music, any extra noises we need to get the right vibe. We also record various live performances for the archives.

13/6/09 17:04  
Blogger Patrick said...

Thanks Tom!

15/6/09 11:55  

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