Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Together Again

Tom Brumley, famed pedal steel guitarist with Buck Owens' Buckaroos passed away today in Texas. He was 73 years old.

Brumley was renowned in the steel world for playing the solo on Owens' "Together Again", a heart-felt ballad of reconciliation punctuated by the beautiful melodic solo that perfectly captured the sentiment of the lyric. Much like George Harrison's "Something" the solo is so intrinsic to the song that it sounds wrong if a band covers the tune and does not at least nod to the original.

Brumley's father, Albert E. Brumley, wrote the gospel classic "I'll Fly Away". Only drummer Willie Cantu is still left from the original Buckaroos line-up, a combo that is largely acknowledged to be among the finest road bands to ever perform. I suspect there's going to be a hell of a jam in Heaven tonight.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

God bless Tom and his family. I am located in Branson, Mo and was blessed to meet Tom a few years ago when he played with the Joey Riley Show. He was a good man and treated everyone as he wanted to be treated.
He will be missed by many across our great nation. I know there will be one heck of a solo in Heaven tonight.
God bless Tom..Keep a rockin...
Gary Carlson

5/2/09 09:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember Tom when he was with the Stone Canyon Band(Rick Nelson was lead).

5/2/09 16:32  
Anonymous Charlie said...

I hated to hear of this. We all have to cross that river, but we are losing so much of our musical history and tradition.

For more about Tom see;

God Bless,

5/2/09 22:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read with sadness of the death of Tom Brumley. I can hear the strains of his solo on "Together Again" in my head right now. He is truly together again with Buck, Don, and Doyle (not to mention Rick Nelson and Waylon) in that Big Honky Tonk in the Sky.
R.I.P. Tom, a true Buckaroo in every sense of the word.

6/2/09 15:53  
Anonymous The Lipscombs said...

There is so much good you can say about Tom. He saw a talent in our daughter at age 16 and brought her dream true to sing in Branson on his show. He not only did that but took her in as a daughter to live with he and Rolene. Her memories of her and Tom eating popcorn everynight watching old shows will live in her forever. The family is dear to our hearts.Our thoughts and prayers are with them....
The Lipscombs

6/2/09 18:12  

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