Friday, March 03, 2006

Desk Hid Errata

Go flaccidly among the noise and waste indeed. I am writing this entry atop the newly re-located computer/studio desk. I was getting weird anomalies with the monitors placed where they were, so I moved my entire rig and now I am using the room the "long" way, as I should have from the start.

The bad acoustics of where I had been sitting were hiding - or "masking" - certain frequencies that made the mixes sound bass-light up close, but bass-heavy when you moved 3 feet back. Much better now, but I still need more treatments on the walls.

Got two good song ideas from my wife tonight. One is telling about the destruction from Lot's point of view in a tune I'm calling "The Mayor of Gomorrah". It's coming along. I have a few lines I really like, so I am trying to match them in quality and that's a bad tail to chase.Better to just let it flow out than try to focus it on quality too least for me.


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